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What benefits does registration in the service offer me?

Registration in the service makes it possible for you to publish your photos on the Internet. You will receive your own web, on which you will be able to place albums and photos. You yourself will decided upon the address of your public site. After registration, you will gain access to the administrative panel, in which you will be able to manage albums, photos and comments of your photos. You will find numerous functions there, which will allow you to manage the contents of your website easily and conveniently. Registration in the service is completely free of charge.

How can I register?

To register, you have to use the form available at the following address After you have correctly filled in and sent the form, a message containing an account-activating link will be sent to the e-mail address stated in the form. The registered account will become active after it has been activated with the link.

I have not received the e-mail containing the activating link. What should I do?

I forgot my password. How can I regain access to my account?

Use the change of password procedure, whose form can be found at the following address Enter the e-mail address with which you registered in the service into the form. After the form has been sent, you will receive a message making the change of password to you account possible. If you will not have received an e-mail within 15 minutes, check whether the message has not been transferred to the unwanted mail folder (SPAM).

How can I remove my account?

In order to remove an account from the service completely, send us a message with the contact form available at the following address After e-mail verification of the appeal, the account will be completely removed from the system. It must be remembered that such an operation is irreversible and that the account, its settings or contents (including albums, photos and comments) cannot be returned.

Zarządzanie kontem

How can I begin publication of my photos?

After you have logged in to the service, chose the option "add album" in the "my zone" section. Fill in name and date of the album in the form. Album description, which will be visible on your public site, is an additional option. The following options are also available: After you have started the album, click the "from local files" link. You can chose a few photos from the disc and send them all at once. The accepted formats are the following: JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.
If you have an album at Google Picasa, you can automatically transfer your photos with the "from Picasa" option. You can also add a photo straight from the URL address. For this purpose use the "from URL" option.

An hourglass appears instead of my photos after I have added them. What does this mean?

The hourglass means that the sent photos are now being converted into the target formats available in the service. This can take a few minutes, depending on the amount of photos that you added to the album.

What resolution are the photos converted into?

All of the sent photos are converted into a few formats available in the service, the two basic ones being:
  • 600 - where the maximal vertical or horizontal resolution does not exceed 600 pixels
  • 1024 - where the maximal vertical or horizontal resolution does not exceed 1024 pixels

How many albums can I start?

There are no limitations as to the amount of albums you can start in your profile.

How many photos can I publish?

There is no specific restriction upon the amount of photos you can publish in the service. The only limitation is the disc space you have available. The space occupied by your photos depends on the size of the sent photos. If, instead of the original photo format (e.g. straight from your camera) you prepare them initially by e.g. decreasing the resolution or compression level, you will be able to place more photos in the disc space of your choice. You can also use the "Image optimization" option, which is available in the album settings. By ticking this option, large-size photos will be automatically optimized.

How can I increase the amount of space for my photos?

Your activeness in the service directly influences the space in which you can use your photos. The below chart contains a list of points and the corresponding disc space that you can gain (or lose) depending on your activeness.
Activeness Description Number of the points Space
Account activation Activation of the account in the service. This is what you get to begin with. 1024 1 GB
Logging into the service Logging into the account at least once a day. 1 1 MB
Acceptance of a photo for the catalogue Your photo in the album with chosen option "In catalog" has been moderated. 2 2 MB
Invitation to register The person you invited registers in the service. 50 50 MB
Removal of your photo by the moderator. As a result of violation of the terms and conditions. -10 -10 MB
Removal of your comment by the moderator. As a result of violation of the terms and conditions. -10 -10 MB

What is a profile’s public site?

This is a website available at the following address http://[name], which includes user’s albums. During registration and edition of the account settings, you can define your own name which will become part of the address of your public site.

What is a photo catalogue?

Photo catalogue is a section in the service in which users’ photos are published, who agreed to it by ticking the "In catalog" option in the album settings. This is a place where you can boast about your photos to other users of the service. What is presented there are, among others, rankings of the best evaluated photos.

Are the photos moderated?

The added photos are automatically available at your profile's site. If you ticked the "In catalog" option in the settings, the photos will be included in the photo catalogue after they have been approved of by the moderator. All photos available in the service are additionally post-moderated. This means that each user of the service can report breach of the terms and conditions by sending the report with a special form. Such notices are verified and can be removed in certain cases.

I want my photos to be available only for my friends. How can I do it?

"Private" option is available in the settings, which determines whether the album will be visible on your public website or not. If the album is marked with "private" label, then only the people knowing its URL address will be able to browse it. To find out what URL address your private album has, log in to your profile and the click the "album page" link on the album list. Copy the URL address from the browser and send it to your friends. The other, easier way to let your friends know about the album, is to use the "send URL" option. After you have entered the e-mail address, a message containing the URL address to the album's website will be sent.

Can anyone comment my photos?

It is up to you to decide whether users will be able to comment photos available in your albums. "Comments" option, available in the album settings, is used for this purpose. Only the logged-in users can comment photos.

Are the comments of the photos moderated?

Can I remove given comments of my photos?

Yes. Comments of your photos can be removed from the administrative panel in two places:
  • from the position of one photo, where the comments are also displayed
  • from the position of the last comments to your photos

Where can I ad an avatar and description to my profile?

After you have logged in to the service, chose the "account settings" option in the "my zone" section of the service. From the position of the form, you can add or change your avatar, as well as description of your profile. You can also set the avatar from the position of edition of any photos if it has the "set as avatar" option. Both the avatar and the description will be visible on your public site.

Can I change the nick and address of my public site?

Yes, both your nick and address of your website can be changed at any moment with the "account settings" option. The only restriction is that the names cannot be already used by other user of the service.

I removed the photo that was previously the cover of my album. Where can I change the cover?

You can define any photo available in the album as the cover. In order to do this, click the "manage" link on the chosen album in "My zone" section, then chose the photo you want to be on the cover and click "edit". The edition form of each photo contains the "set as album's cover" option.


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